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  • GM is the center of special steel bolt

    GM Special Steel Vina is a bolt maker for Oil&gas, Power generation, and other industries. GM Special Steel Vina is an affiliated company of Gumi Corporation(GM Corp.) which is a distributor of fasteners and raw materials (Alloy steel, Stainless steel, Nickel alloy). We established GM Special Steel Vina in Binh Duong, Vietnam to provide the products efficiently to our partners in Asian countries. We have raw material stock of GM Corp in our factory in Binh Duong. Using the stock of the affiliated company will make production easier which will lead to a faster completion date and competitive prices. Also, there will be less worry about the quality of the raw materials, since We are the official agency of the materials.

    The industry is suffering from a lack of supply chains. Since Gumi Corp has been working for a long time as a distributor of the industry, We fully understand the industry’s needs and know how to vitalize the supply chains. That’s why We are starting as a manufacturer, a bolt maker.

    GM Special Steel Vina will be an alternative and competent fastener company to support the Oil&gas, Power generation, and other industries.